Walt Disney World


Hey pals!

Another theme park to visit at Walt Disney World is Epcot. A fun fact about this theme park is that the name stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (E.P.C.O.T). Originally, Epcot was designed to show you a prototype of what the future might become. Epcot BallNot only does Epcot continue to demonstrate their futuristic ideas, but also it manages to take us to several counties in a matter of seconds. As you enter Epcot, you will be directed to the parking lot. As mentioned before, taking a picture of where you parked will be extremely helpful. If you have arrived at Epcot early or luckily go on a day that it is not packed, you can even walk to the park and enjoy the scenery as you get closer to the iconic ball of Epcot. Taking the tram is a faster and more convenient way to arrive at the entrance. You will be directed to a security checkpoint you have finally made it to the entrance. Make sure you bring your camera because there are a ton of beautiful photo opportunities. You also have the option to have a photographer take a picture wherever they are stationed.These pictures will be linked to your Ticket or your Magic Band and you can access them on the My Disney Experience App at any time.

The futuristic side of Epcot will be your first stop. After you have passed the entrance with your Magic Band or Ticket, you will enter the Future World. There are plenty of rides, attractions, and food shops that will transport you to the future. Innoventions is a place that will give you a glimpse of what the future might hold with their interactive displays and shows. The other section of Epcot is called the World Showcase. Eleven countries are divided into different sections throughout the World Showcase. The 11 countries are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The United States, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, and Canada. If you have not been to Epcot before, a map will help you guide yourself through the 11 countries. Each country presents their culture through performances, food, and merchandise. Each of the countries scenery represent what each country looks like as if you were transported there. There are so many breathtaking views, it really feels as if you have truly traveled around the world.

The main show in Epcot is located a the World Showcase. The show is called IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. This is a show located in the Lagoon that resides in the center of the World Showcase. At any of the countries, you can watch this show as each country surrounds the lagoon (Pretty awesome right?).  The show is filled with fireworks, lasers, and magnificent electrical displays that float across the lagoon. You will definitely have a memorable experience in Epcot. For the adults, this is a nice park to enjoy some food and wine as you take a relaxing stroll across the countries. There is a boat that can transport you to both the World Showcase and the Future World. This is perfect when you made your half way mark through the countries and have a fast pass to a ride in the Future World. You can enter the boat and it will take you across the lagoon to the Future World (And you will be at your ride in no time). Tip: If you and your party would like a quicker access to the World Showcase, there are certain hotels that take you to Epcot with a boat. An example is the Disney’s Yacht Club. This hotel will take you to a different entrance and you will be transported to the France section of the World Showcase. This is an awesome country to arrive at because they have an amazing French bakery with mouth watering foods (hint hint). If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them(:

See ya real soon!
Elizabeth Fernandez


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