Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom

Hey Pals!

Now we are going to talk about my favorite park, Animal Kingdom. I love Animal Kingdom because I hope to become a vet for exotic animals. I want to help rehabilitate wild animals in order to help conserve wildlife. In my blog, I want to add as much information as possible about the conservation of wildlife animals in order to spread awareness to my readers. Now enough of this spiel, let us get on to information about Animal Kingdom!

As always you can take the bus from a Disney hotel to Animal Kingdom or you can drive there. Driving there, you will be led to the parking lot. There is different sections with an image of an animal, real or mythical, and a row number. Taking a picture of where you parked is best. You have the option to walk to the entrance or take the tram. The tram is always the easiest and the wind hitting your face is not a bad idea when the hot Florida suTree of Lifen is out. As you get off the tram, you will be led to the security checkpoint. Then you place your Magic Band or Disney Ticket at the touch point at the entrance. When Mickey’s head in the sensor light up green, you are good to go. You are now officially in Animal Kingdom! Even before you pass the entrance, it already feels as if you entered a jungle. There are many plants and trees that are scattered throughout the park (Good thing when you need some shade from the hot sun). The section after the entrance is called the Oasis. In the Oasis, there are different habitats filled with different birds and mammals. If you have a chance to look at the logo of Animal Kingdom, you will notice there is a mythical creature among the other animals. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what I am talking about. The reason for this is because there was going to be a section of Animal Kingdom that dealt with mythical creatures. Later this idea was discarded, but they still kept that certain creature on the logo. After you cross the paths with the different habitats, you will enter Discovery Island. You will finally see this enormous tree. This tree is called the Tree of Life and as you get closer and closer, you will notice that the tree is covered with any animal that you can possibly think of. Tip: If you really want to get up close, I suggest you go to the sow It’s Tough to Be a Bug. The line will show you around the tree and you could see the animals up close. The coolest part is that the show is inside the tree itself! There is a also section in Discovery Island that children will love. They can participate to become a Wilderness Explorer. They will go on a scavenger hunt throughout the park earning their badges along the way. Before receiving each badge, each child will perform several task that ultimately is a great learning experience.

The other sections of Animal Kingdom include: Africa, Asia, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and Dinoland U.S.A. Asia and Africa has its culture represented throughout their section through their buildings and foods. Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a section in which you take a train in order to arrive there. At Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you will be engaged in a more interactive area that teaches you more about animals and animal conservation. There is also a petting zoo that is fun for all ages filled with pigs and goats. Dinoland U.S.A, as you guessed, has attractions and rides that have a ton of dinosaurs. This is a cool section which makes you feel as if we are living among the dinosaurs. Animal Kingdom is a beautiful park and as you leave the park, you will also leave with a bunch of knowledge about animals and how important it is to conserve wildlife.

See ya real soon!

Elizabeth Fernandez

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