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Halloween Horror Nights: The Last Laugh Social Media Meet-up
Hey pals!

This is my very first Universal Orlando Studios blog post! I was lucky enough to win a sweepstakes that gave away three awesome prizes. One of the prizes included two tickets for The Last Laugh Social Media Meet-up event. Now before I start writing about my experience at the event, I am going to let you know how I was even able to win sweepstakes like this one. First of all, this was an event that was held on the last night of Halloween Horror Nights. Halloween Horror Nights has several social media accounts that you can follow. At first, I only had followed their Facebook page. While I was looking at my Facebook, the HHN account made a post saying to comment down below for a chance to win. In this case, the account said to comment below and pledge your allegiance to Jack for a chance to win (Funny thing is that I commented the emoji with the girl raising her hand and I won). The next day, I got a direct message from the Facebook account congratulating me. They also gave me instructions on what to do next. I researched a ton and made sure that this was not a scam (If you ever win a sweepstakes, make sure that it is a verified account that has contacted you). My advice to you all is to you follow every HHN social media. From what I know, they have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a blog. Whenever they have a sweepstakes make sure you do what they say and you might have a chance to win incredible prizes!
Jacks Symbol.jpg
The prize included two tickets for Universal Studios/Islands of Adventures, Halloween Horror Nights, and the social media event. We got there the day before so we could enjoy a full day in Disney World. The next day, we woke up very early to get the tickets and headed to Universal and Islands of Adventure. This event was held on November 1st, 2015. Both of the parks were not crowded at all (so if you’re planning a trip, this is something to keep in mind). We went to Dueling Dragons twice, went to the two Harry Potter rides, and we were able to ride the train all before the check-in time for the event. At 5:00 pm, we headed back to Universal Studios and we were told to find the J’s on the floor which led us to the secret event location. At 5:30pm, we entered the event and the set up was beautiful. There were different stations throughout the room. Several stations served food and beverages. For the people who were 21 and over, they were allowed two complimentary alcoholic beverages. They also had a photo booth where you could take pictures and have them printed out. Since the theme of this event was a gathering with Jack and his maniacs, they had a section where you could get your face painted to officially become one of Jack’s Maniacs (Of course my cousin and I had to do this). In the center of the room, there were dancers in ball gowns dancing as if they were at a chilling masquerade party. A band was playing eerie music throughout the event as well (The band played beautifully). As everyone was enjoying their time at the event, Chance came out and took pictures with the maniacs. Scare Actors from the Scare Zones also made an appearance. Finally, Jack went on stage and we all pledged our allegiance to Jack. Jack made his speech and it was as if we had a private show of Carnival of Carnage. After the event, we were able to go to Horror Nights. This was a really packed day. We only were able to go to 4 houses that night (Thankfully, I went to HHN another night and I was able to see all 9 houses). A funny thing that happened at Horror Nights was when my cousin and I were walking through the All Night Die-in Scare Zone. We were walking through the scare zone and someone got scared of our faces because of the face paint and yelled. Overall, this was an unforgettable experience. I recommended entering any sweepstakes that you can. You might win and you might be able to enjoy experiences like these.

Melanie and Elizabeth Face Paint

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