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Character Experiences at WDW

Character Experiences

Hey pals, there are many different Disney characters that you can meet at Walt Disney World. The good thing about these character meet-ups is that each time you visit a character, you will have a new and exciting experience each time that will definitely make your Disney trip memorable. This blog post serves as a guide to make the most of any character experiences that you might encounter.Gaston Pic

These are the characters that have Fast Pass+:
Magic Kingdom:
Anna and Elsa- Princess Fairytale Hall (Fantasyland)
Cinderella and Rapunzel- Princess Fairytale Hall (Fantasyland)
Ariel- Ariel’s Grotto (New Fantasyland)
Mickey Mouse- Town Square Theatre (Main Street)
Tinker Bell- Town Square Theatre (Main Street)
Belle- Enchanted Tales with Belle (New Fantasyland)

Enchanted Tales with Belle is a show, but Belle makes an appearance. If you get chosen to be in the show or if you ask a cast member, you can get an awesome photo opportunity because there are photographers that take pictures during the show. At the end of the show, the people who were a part of the show are able to take a picture with Belle.

Animal Kingdom:
Minnie and Mickey- Adventurers Outpost (Discovery Island).

Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy- Epcot Character Spot (Near Innoventions West)

-Try to plan ahead and get any character Fast Passes that you want. This is a good way see these characters without a long wait. This helps because some of these wait times for these characters could be more than an hour (especially with the more popular characters).

Characters I recommend to meet:
-The Tremaine’s Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom): They are hilarious. I went with a group of friends and we asked them if they could do a dance. Of course, they said yes and they did an interpreted dance for us. Lady Tremaine and Drizella did the vocals and Anastasia danced. I told them I could dance and they let me join in. Here’s the clip!
-Gaston Storybook Village Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom): Even if you do not wait in the line to meet him, watching him interact with the other guest is entertaining as well. Don’t worry you’ll hear every word he says because he always the center of the attention and he will make sure everyone hears him. If you do meet him, it’s hilarious. Just be careful because you could end up on his bad side if you ever mention the Beast.
-Aladdin and Jasmine Morocco Pavilion (Epcot): I love the marketplace set up they have in the meet and greet in Epcot. Aladdin and Jasmine are funny and interacting with them is always a pleasure.
-King Louie and Baloo Asia (Animal Kingdom): I had an awesome character experience with them. They really make you feel special. When I was with a group of friends we all took a group picture with them. King Louie decided I needed to do something new with my hair. He decided that he would help me out and gave me a wild style.

Any character interaction is great, these are the ones that stood out to me when I met them.

Remember that the character meet-ups are not only to take a photo with them, but also an interactive meet-up. Make most of these experiences and talk to them. It makes your time with them memorable and I’m sure you’ll get a few laughs out of it. Try to do it before taking the picture so that you can have more time to interact with the characters.

-Know more about the characters you are meeting. You can always mention anything that relates to their movie.
-If they are your favorite, let them know!
-Ask them about their husband, wife, friends, or pets.
-If you talk to Ariel, she loves when you talk about human objects with her. Maybe you can show her a thingamabob!
-If you talk to Gaston, talk about the Beast. He won’t like it and He will be sure to let you know. You can also talk about Belle. Who is the person he will love to talk about? Himself! So if you want to be on his good side, be sure to shower him with compliments.
-Disneybound as your favorite character! If you meet them, be sure to let them know!
-Figure out what poses you want to do, it would make the picture look better.
-For example, if you are taking a picture with Jasmine and Aladdin, tell everyone to act like they are flying a magic carpet.

-Some poses that you can do:

  • princess pose
  • silly one
  • with Ariel, you could make a face like a fish
  • you can ask them for a hugging picture
  • with Gaston, you can flex your muscles
  • with King Louie and Baloo, you can rock your best monkey or bear pose

-If you are stuckMinnie Mouse Story Book Circus on what pose to do, you could always ask the character or the character attendant, they will be thrilled to help you!
-Bring a book so that some of the characters can sign their autograph
-Know that some characters might not be able to sign an autograph

-Ask the character attendant if they could record or take of picture

-If you went with someone ask them to record a video or take some photos (candid pictures are awesome)


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