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Tips, Tricks, and Try Its Round-up (Nov-Jan)

Tips, Tricks, and Try its Round-up (November, December, January)

Hey pals, I decided that I am going to round up all the informational that might be helpful to you for your next Walt Disney World/Universal Studios. This round-up will be for the pictures I posted during the months of November, December, and January. I will try to do this monthly so that I won’t overload you with tips (Like this time ha-ha, this list is massive). I hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions leave a comment below, or go to my Instagram: Orlandosmagicandmayhem and leave a comment and I will be sure to comment back. Have a magical day!

Walt Disney World

Tips and Tricks  

  • They are going to have big changes happening to Hollywood Studios. So read up and see which rides/attractions are closing so you make sure to see it before it closes. (Lights, Motor, Action! is one of them).
  • If you want to meet Ariel at her grotto, you can get a fast pass to meet her. There are actually several characters that you can meet with a fast pass. Also, if you meet Ariel, maybe show her a dingle hopper or some human things. I’m sure she will be amazed!
  • If you happen to pass by a sign that says “WARNING DO NOT PULL ROPE” in front of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, PULL IT!
  • If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, there are so many activities that you can do. If you want to take a day off from visiting the parks, try to enjoy the many activities that they have in each of the hotels (pool, game room, movie night, dinner). It also gives you a chance to look at all the details that Disney puts in to make your stay at WDW magical
  • Most seats of the Lights, Motor, Action! Extreme Stunt Show are nice spots, but if you want to be closer to the stage, get a Fast Pass. Tip from experience: Do not wait until the last time range to get in line for the Fast Pass. Try to get there even before the Fast Pass time because a line always starts to form. If you wait until the last minute, you will be let in at the same time as the regular line and might have to sit in the very back rows ha-ha (it happened to me).
  • If you did not make a reservation to eat at the Beast’s Castle, you still can! There are quick services for breakfast and lunch that can be without reservation. I suggest if you do not want to wait long, try to arrive at Magic Kingdom right when the park opens and make your way to Beast’s Castle. Making a reservation just ensures that you get a spot without a long wait. Dinner is a table service and that is when the Beast comes out. Also, it’s best to reserve 180 days in advance.
  • If you want to see Dream-Along with Mickey, the earliest times are always the best time to watch. Last visit, I happened to walk by the Castle stage right when the show started. I was right in front of the stage and I snapped some awesome photos (This was near Christmastime so I was shocked).
  • The Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Parade times are 12:00pm and 3:30pm make sure to get there with enough time to get good seats (it’s a beautiful parade 😍)
  • If you have a chance, try to do the scavenger hunt to become a Wilderness Explorer at Animal Kingdom. It’s fun to go around the park collecting badges. You also learn about the different continents and animal conservation. You even find out some cool information about the Yeti that you see in Expedition Everest.
  • If you want to go directly into the World Showcase in Epcot, several hotels can take you to a different entrance that takes you to the France Pavilion. These hotels are: Boardwalk Inn, Boardwalk Villas, Beach Club Resort, Beach Club Villas, Yacht Club a Resort, Swan & Dolphin Hotel.
  • If you had a family or friend sitting in back of you on a ride, ask them if they could take a picture. You could get a cool pic like this one.
  • Ask the Tremaine Family to perform an interpretive dance and sing. This will give you a memorable character interaction. Even ask to join in
  • Try to get your fast passes a month in advanced. This will ensure that you will get on the rides you want and at the time you want.
  • If you want to see Wishes with less of a crowd, go to New Fantasy Land and watch Wishes near Gaston’s Tavern. You will see the fireworks spectacular at a beautiful angle as the fireworks shoot from each side of you.
  • If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Magic Kingdom, the Liberty Tree Tavern is a great restaurant. It is a family style dining that gives such a Thanksgiving feel. They serve New England styled food and it’s delicious! Always make sure to call and reserve in advance because on holidays, Disney gets extremely packed.
  • Going with a good group of friends makes any trip unforgettable 💕 We all made our own ears.
  • Frontierland is usually the least crowded spot to see this parade. If you want to get the best view and awesome pictures, I suggest getting there 30 minutes early to secure a good spot. You could take this time to grab a meal and relax before the parade starts. For awesome interactions, wave and cheer as the characters pass by (your fav character might approach you!).
  • If you’re melting because of the Florida sun, go to one of the kidcot stations that are located in every country at the World Showcase. Ask for one of these and it works as a fabulous fan (I do this all the time).
  • If you need to charge your phone, there are several charging stations at Magic Kingdom. One of the stations is located at the Rapunzel section in Fantasyland.
  • At Storybook Circus in Magic Kingdom, you can take a picture with Madame Daisy Fortuna. If you want a cool character interaction, ask to her to predict your future through her crystal ball.
  • If you want to see the Festival of Fantasy Parade in Main Street, as you’re entering from the left, side there is a spot that has the perfect view. It’s near the Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom Training Center. This is where the (FOF) parade ends.
  • I was at the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade on the most crowded day (December 25th). I got to Magic Kingdom before the park opened and I saw the first parade in Frontierland (had a perfect view).
  • At Enchanted Tales with Belle, if you follow what the cast member says and go all out, they will pick you to be a part of the interactive show. I’ve been Philippe and the Wardrobe. (Hint: being a part of the show gives you awesome photo ops with Belle)
  • Disney’s All Star Resort Hotels have large scaled decorations (great for photo ops). Also, I have finished all 4 post about each Disney Theme Park in my blog. A baking post and a Universal Studios post will be coming soon.
  • The Hub in Magic Kingdom is a great spot to sit down and have a picnic style breakfast. You will also have an incredible view of Cinderella’s Castle.
  • In Kilimanjaro Safaris, the left edge is a good spot on the ride to get awesome pictures.

Fun Facts

  • If you haven’t been on Peter Pan’s flight recently, you should check it out. While waiting in line, you pass by the Darling’s bedroom and there are some cool interactive things to do there. Remember to keep an eye out for Tinkerbell. She’s a sassy one.
  • Next time you go to the Haunted Mansion, take the time to look at the tombstones. It’s fun to read what each one says. Madam Leota’s grave is a cool one! Take a look at her eyes and see what happens!
  • If you’re thirsty, check out this cool water fountain that’s in Magic Kingdom. If you use the center one, look up at Cinderella’s statue and the crown seems to be placed perfectly on her head.
  • There are two places to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. You can spot them in Adventureland when the two visit Magic Kingdom. You could also see them in the city of Agrabah at the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot and thanks to @disneydadof3 you can also meet her at Cinderella’s Royal Table.
  • You can get an awesome photo opportunity if you watch Enchanted Tales with Belle and get picked to participate in the show.
  • While you are riding the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, they take your picture and immediately link to the Magic Band while you’re still on the ride (pretty cool huh?). Also, at special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas, the seven dwarves come out to take a group picture with you 💕 These special photo ops are taken at Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.
  • The Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is now in Echo Lake. It’s where American Idol used to be. The first show is at 10:00am and it runs every hour on the hour. The last show is at 9:00pm. It’s a beautiful show. Make sure to sing along (I know I always do 💕)
  • During Christmastime at Magic Kingdom, the Jungle Cruise transforms into the Jingle Cruise. They add in holiday jokes and decorations. Check it out while you still can.
  • At Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, you can see many animals like meerkats, hippos, and even naked mole rats. You also can learn more about each animal and what to do in order to conserve wildlife. Fun fact: a group of meerkats are called a “mob” or a “gang”. Their most important role is to be the guard. That’s why they stand on their hind legs using their tail for support.
  • The Hallmark store sells a ton of cute Disney products.
  • All Disney hotels have buses that takes you directly to the parks. This saves time because it takes away the hassle of parking far, waiting for the tram, etc. The buses take you back to your hotel and the buses run a few hours after the parks closes, so you don’t have to rush back. Just keep in mind on peak days, the buses might get full and you might have to be standing.
  • If you love animals, just as much as I do, Disney World has several internships that you apply to! If you search up Disney internships, you can check their link out for more information! (I am building up the requirements to potentially become an animal hospital intern💕)
  • In the queue for the ride, they have a bunch cool objects laying around. If you’re a fan of the Twilight Zone, they even have references to certain episodes. So next time your waiting in line, look around and observe all the intricate details all around the hotel.
  • There are two main parades in Magic Kingdom: The Festival of Fantasy (3:00 PM) and Disney’s Electrical Parade (9:00 PM and 11:00 PM). Both are must-see parades. On peak nights, these parades will be extremely packed. Have a plan in order to make parade watching stress free.
  • My dad always gets picked as “that guy” in Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.
  • If you want to visit Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival next year, the dates are March 2nd, 2016 to May 30th, 2016. This festival is when they create artwork out of plants. You get amazing pictures and you can appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Mickey Mouse first appeared in a short film called Steamboat Willie on November 18th, 1928.

Try it

  • It would not be a Disney trip if you don’t buy any Mickey shaped food. I recommend the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar. It’s delicious, they sell these in all four parks.
  • If you want memorable character experiences try making a reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table that’s inside Cinderella’s Castle
  • Look around Rapunzel’s Section in Magic Kingdom and try to find all the hidden Pascal’s that are blending in the backgrounds. How many can you find?
  • I was eating at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe and right when I finished, the DEP Parade started and I was able to get a good view. So even on peak nights, if you are running late try to find a spot in Frontierland to watch the parade.
  • If you go to Magic Kingdom, go to Gaston’s Tavern. They have a drink called Lefou’s Brew. Its frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow topped with passion fruit/mango foam (it’s delicious!).
  • If you’re going around the world in Epcot, try to get chocolate from each country with your friends/family and try new things together. (You could also get candy, etc.).
  • Be adventurous when trying new things at Disney World. In the Garden Festival, they serve flower infused drinks. The ones in this picture are called violet lemonade. It was so refreshing and delicious, I wanted more!

Halloween Horror Nights and Universal


  • If you want less of a crowd, pick a date that’s lands near the middle of the event dates. This year I went On October 10th and November 1st. On October 10th the most I had to wait was 30 minutes (That was only for 2 houses, the least I waited was 5-15 minutes). On November 1st, there were lines that were over 2 hours long.
  • Want to win and get the most points in Men in Black: Alien Attack? Near the end of the ride, there’s a huge alien that you need to defeat. When they tell you to press the red button, PRESS THE RED BUTTON! (You’ll see what happens).
  • Make sure to follow all social media accounts for Halloween Horror Nights, you might win a sweepstakes and receive awesome prizes. Hint: you could learn more about this in my upcoming blog post.



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  1. Thanks for the tips about the Wilderness Explorer activity! I’ll be going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the first time in November so I’m excited to try it out!

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