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Tips, Tricks, and Try Its Round-up (January)

Hey pals! It is the beginning of February and it is time to put all the helpful tips, tricks, and try its into this blog post so that it can be easier to read. Here we go!


  • If you ever are celebrating your birthday at WDW don’t forget to get a Happy Birthday pin. (This also applies for engagements, anniversaries, and first visits).
  • If you’re staying at a Disney hotel, check to see if there are extra magic hours for the park you that to want to visit that day. It’s a great way to meet characters and ride your favorite ride in a short amount of time.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any character to do a silly or cute pose! And remember asking them for a dance won’t hurt!
  • It is nice to go to Disney Springs during the last day of your vacation. It’s a nice place to wind down before having to head back home.
  • In order to ensure that you will meet your favorite character, look at the times in the My Disney Experience App (I have a blog post about the app if you want more information). Then, try to go to their meeting location 20 minutes before. These are for the characters that are outside. The ones that have wait times don’t apply because the lines are continuous.
  • You can meet Baymax at Epcot. He is located in the Epcot Character Spot in the Future World. He loves hugs, so don’t forget to ask him for one! Also, ask him for a fist bump (Some of my followers mentioned that he can do that too!).


Fun Facts:

  • You can now pass through the castle again. Make sure to take your time at look at the details that they put into the castle. While you’re passing through, there are tiled mosaic murals on the walls that tell the story of Cinderella. Some tiles even have bits of gold and silver! It’s a beautiful sight to see.
  • In Magic Kingdom, you can play the Sorcerer’s of Magic Kingdom. You can start by going to either Main Street or Liberty Square to start the tutorial. Each player receives 5 battle cards. Then you roam around Magic Kingdom in search for the magic portals scattered throughout the park in order to help Merlin defeat Hades. I tried it recently and it’s cool and completely free!
  • EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Which was a concept that Walt Disney came up with to create a city based on ideas of what our future world would consist of. It was left unfinished, but you can see a model of that concept on the People Mover at Magic Kingdom.

Try It:

  • They sell a variety of candy apples throughout Walt Disney World. They even had maleficent inspired candy apples. They are so yummy! You could even ask them to cut it in pieces so it’s easier to eat.
  • The Amphicar is a cool new take on a boat ride. You enter a car and drive to the water and then it transforms into a completely functional boat. Pretty cool huh?
  • For a cool photo, ask the cast member if you could take a picture holding the balloons. Most likely, they will say yes. If it is windy, you can still take the photo but cast member will still have to hold the balloons (For safety reasons).


If you want to check out my Instagram: Orlandosmagicandmayhem. That is all I have from my January Post. I hope you liked it and I can’t wait to do more (: Have a magical day.





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