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DIY Flower Mickey Ears

DIY Flower Mickey Ears


Hey pals, here you can learn how to create flower Mickey Ears. This one is even quicker to do than my last DIY because instead of making the ears, I decided to put the link of the ears I bought on Etsy. I totally recommend this seller and I got my package in a short amount of time. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

What you’ll need:
-Pre-made Mickey Ears (Link:
-Bouquet of small flowers that can pull apart (I got mine at a craft store).
You can also buy a pack of flowers on EBay
-Hot glue gun
1. Detach the flowers from the stem. If you can pull them apart, do so. Cut the stem if necessary. You want to have just the flower part by itself.
2. Line the flowers around the headband of the ears and arrange them to your liking.
3. Use your glue gun and glue the flowers to the headband. Make sure you have enough glue to hold the flowers onto the headband. (I decided to have an odd number of flowers so that here is one flower aligned in the center instead of two sharing the center).
4. Once you have glued all the flowers, flip the ears over and glue about two or three flowers on the back to hide the backside of the front flowers.


There you have it! Your very own flower Mickey Ears! I love these because they are simple and cute.


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