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Disney Dream Series: General Information

Disney Dream Cruise General Information

Hey Pals!
I recently went on the Disney Dream Cruise! It was such a magical experience. I will have several posts breaking everything down so that I could be as informative as possible. This post will be a breakdown of everything that the Disney Dream has. This will help you be informed of what this cruise line has to offer so that when you embark on the Disney Dream, you can make most of your vacation. This is just to get an idea of what the Disney Dream has. As I continue to make more post about this ship, I will go more in detail.

Inside– 3-4 people and has a magical porthole with some animated Disney characters.
Oceanview– 3-5 people and has a porthole with an ocean view.
Verandah– 3-5 people and has a private verandah.
Concierge– Amount of people can vary. This is the stateroom with separate living rooms and bedrooms.


Main Dining Areas
Animator’s Palate– Restaurant with screens all over that show a variety of animated Disney Characters.
Royal Palace– Restaurant with a royal feel and paintings of all the Disney Princes and Princesses.
Enchanted Garden– Restaurant with a garden view.

Beauty and the Beast Glass Picture
Animator’s Palate

Casual Dining Areas
Cabanas– Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This buffet style restaurant gives you a beach feel with characters from Finding Nemo.
Flo’s Cafe– Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Inspired by Cars. This restaurant has three sections: Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill, and Guzzle Burgers.

Drinks and Desserts
Frozone Treats– Serves smoothies. Inspired by The Incredibles. ($$)
Eye Scream– Self serve ice cream. Inspired by Monsters Inc.
Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats– A yummy sweet shop. Inspired by the movie Wreck It Ralph.
Senses Juice Bar– Healthy drinks in the spa. ($$)
Cove Bar– Specialty coffee and drinks. Adult exclusive. ($$)

Paid Dining and Snacks
Palo– Adult exclusive Italian restaurant ($$)
Preludes– Snacks for the theatre ($$)
Remy– Adult exclusive French Restaurant ($$)

Shows– In the Walt Disney Theater. Shows include: The Golden Mickey’s, Disney’s Believe, and Villains Tonight!
Meets and greets– Scheduled at different times, different Disney characters come and meet the guest.
Deck shows– Shows on the pool deck. Includes: a sail away party and a pirate nights party.
Movies– In the Buena Vista Theatre. It shows both 2D and 3D movies.

Walt Disney Theatre Picture
The Golden Mickeys

Lounges and Bars ($$)
Bon Voyage Bar
District Lounge
687 Pub
Skyline Lounge
Cove Bar
Wave Bar
Currents Bar
D Lounge

Pools and Hot Tubs :
Family pools– Donald’s and Mickey’s Pool.
Family hot tubs
Toddler splash area– Finding Nemo inspired.
Quiet Cove– Adult only section with a pool and hot tubs

Youth Clubs
It’s a Small World Nursery– 6 months-3 years.
Oceaneer’s Club– 3-12 years.
Edge– 11-13 years.
Vibe– 14-17 years.

Stores ($$)
Sea Treasures
Mickey’s Mainsail
White Caps
Whozits & Whatits

Other Activities
Spiral Slide
Basketball/Soccer Court
Golf Simulator ($$)
Miniature Golf
Foosball Table
Shuffle Board
Ping Pong Table
Spa ($$)
Fitness Center
Bibbidi Boppity Boutique ($$)

Midship Detective Agency


Spa Picture DCL


If you have any questions or if you want to know something about the Disney Dream on a more detailed post, contact me (: Remember, this is an overview of what the ship includes. I will go more in depth on each section on my next posts.

Email: orlandosmagicandmayhem@gmail.com

Instagram (comment or DM): orlandosmagicandmayhem

Or comment on this blog post!

($$ means that additional fees may apply)


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