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Disney Spotify Playlist

Hey pals! This is a really short post. I decided to share  my Disney Spotify playlist. I have created this playlist so you don’t have too! These songs are perfect for you if you need your Disney fix! I usually use this playlist when I’m getting ready in the morning or if I am doing an in home work out. The best time to use this playlist is also when your on your way to Disney! It is the best feeling to blast Disney music while you are heading to the best place ever! Hehe (: Here you go! Enjoy! Give it a follow so you can easily listen to this playlist. Have a magical day!

5 thoughts on “Disney Spotify Playlist

      1. Ha! Thanks so much! this is going to be my first Disney race. I don’t know if I told you on another post or note, but I am running a 5K and raising money for charity in all 50 states. So this is my Florida race. I picked Noah’s Light Foundation for the charity. My parents live 45 minutes from the parks (Deltona), so I don’t need to pay for lodging or car rental. I’m staying right outside the park the night before the race, since it starts at 6am. I’m not used to that! Any advice? How early should I get to the race?

        Oh, and about the music, I have “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” on my running playlist, for when I run on my own. That song gets me going. It makes me think of that training montage in Mulan. So good!

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      2. Oh that is so awesome! Good luck to you! Okay so it would be best to be there earlier than that. Just because you want to find parking without a problem, pass through bag check, and time for warming up. So 3:30 would probably be best to get there? But if you can’t I would definitely try to be there an hour or an hour and a half before. And that is seriously my favorite song it gets me hyped every time!

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      3. Thanks so much for the tip! I’m going to be by myself, so I won’t have a problem getting ready for that time. I just have to make sure I have enough self-discipline to go to bed early the night before.

        By the way, I love your blog! And with you’re help, I set up a My Disney Experience Account.


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