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Disney Dream: Walt Disney Theatre

Hey pals(: Hope you are having a magical day. This is the first part of my in depth Disney Dream Series. The Disney Dream is a 3 day Disney Cruise that takes you to Castaway Cay and the Bahamas. I totally recommend going on any of the Disney Cruises. Today I will be talking about the three shows at the Walt Disney Theatre on the Disney Dream. Enjoy! You’re not allowed to take photos of the performances so I was not able to take any pictures (Although I wanted to take pics so bad).

The Golden Mickeys 

  • The Golden Mickeys is an award style show where the host presents some of Disney’s greatest movie moments. This show is the most nostalgic because of the classic Disney movies that are presented in this show.

Villains Tonight!

  • Villains Tonight! is all about the villains. Hades sidekicks, Pain and Panic, go on an adventure to deliver invitations to the most wicked villains ever in order to help Hades maintain his “Lord of the Underworld” title.

Disney’s Believe 

  • In Disney’s Believe, the Genie helps Sophia’s dad, Dr. Greenaway, believe in magic by taking him to the most magical journey ever!


  • All of these show are incredible. The performers are talented and every detail that goes into each and every show is beautifully done. These shows are a joy to watch for both the children and the adults. My favorite show on the Disney Dream is Villains Tonight! The show was so funny and it was fun to see the comedic side of some of Disney’s most infamous villains.


  • Make sure you know what time your dinner reservation is. This will help you know what time you are able to see the shows. There are two shows each night and if you chose the earlier dinner, then you will attend the later showing and vice versa.
  • All the seats in the Walt Disney Theatre give amazing views. In my personal opinion, I would try to get there early to sit in the front seat. You still can see the show perfectly. I recommend the front seat because you can have some funny character interactions with the performers. Some performers utilize the space in front of the first row.
  • I also recommend the first row because if you have children, your child could be selected to be apart of the The Golden Mickeys.
  • If you want to arrive there early to choose the seats best for you, I would say go 30-45 minutes in advance. I did this two out of the three days and I was able to sit in the front row.
  • If the front row is not for you, I recommend going on the first floor behind the area where they control the music, etc. That area is usually more sunken in so it does not block anyone’s view. Sitting directly behind it will give you a spot where there is no one in front and you can see the show perfectly.



4 thoughts on “Disney Dream: Walt Disney Theatre

    1. Thanks! I’m going to continue to cover most every detail of the Disney cruise along with helpful tips in order to make the best of anyone embarking on a Disney cruise so stay tuned (:


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