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Disney Dream: Food Spots

Hey everyone! In this post, I will go into detail about the different food spots at the Disney Dream. This will be the last food related post. Next up, I’ll be talking about the entertainment (YAY).


Cabanas (Lunch/Dinner)

This is a buffet style food spot with a beach theme. You can spot some finding nemo characters around Cabanas.

Best time to go: Lunch

Flo’s Café (Snacks)

Flo’s Café has several stations that are inspired by Cars.

Tow Mater’s Grill: This station has foods like hot dogs and burgers.

Luigi’s Pizza: This station has foods like… You guessed it! Pizza! Mmmm..

Fillmore’s Favorites: This stations has foods like sandwiches and salads.

Best time to go: When you’re having fun at the pool/hot tub and you want those yummy comfort foods.

Remy (Brunch/Dinner)

A French adult exclusive restaurant. Additional Fee ($85.00) Remy is also the name of the rat in Ratatouille. If you go, make sure to spot Remy in some of the restaurants décor.

Palo (Brunch/Dinner)

The second adult exclusive restaurant. This restaurant serves Northern Italian meals. Cost Extra ($30.00).

Vista Café/Cove Café

These cafe’s serve coffee, pastries, and liquors. I recommend trying their coffee at least once. I could not stop talking about how good the coffee is. They do cost extra though.

Eye Scream Ice Cream

A station with different delicious soft serve ice cream flavors each day. Best time to go: Any time of the day. Ice cream is a must when you are on vacation. Tip: if you do not want it in a cone, you can always find a cup and fill the cup. That’s a better option because you get more ice cream. Yummy!25176005879_cfbe5e5610_k

Vanellope’s Sweet Treats

Themed after Wreck-it-Ralph. Sells gelato, ice cream, candy, and many other sweets. Cost Extra.

Senses Juice Bar

Located in the Spa at the Disney Dream. They have a variety of healthy drinks. Cost Extra

Frozone Treats

Inspired by the Pixar movie The Incredibles. Here they sell different types of yummy smoothies. Cost Extra.


Before you enter the Walt Disney Theatre, there are stands that sell some snacks for the shows. These snacks include: popcorn, candy, smoothies, etc. Cost Extra.


Addtional Tips

  • Take full advantage of all the included meals you can get on the Disney Dream. They taste good and do not cost extra.
  • In my opinion, paying for the coffee and any sweets from the Vanellope’s Sweet Treats are worth it.
  • I suggest going to the scheduled dinners (The rotational styled dining restaurants). The buffet style dinners or nice, but I truly think the servers and waiters make the Disney Dream experience magical.





2 thoughts on “Disney Dream: Food Spots

  1. That’s a very cool post. I really wish they’d bring back the clam chowder bread bowl. They use to have it at some restaurant at Magic kingdom.

    And we love the Orlando Magic at Gastradamus. We really do. We were disappointed to see Oladipo get traded, but what can you do.

    When you have the chance, we would really like to know what you think of our story blue jasmine. If you could leave a comment with your feedback, that would be incredible. We need that magic spunk to be a part of the Gastradamus Community.
    Blue Jasmine


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