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Tips, Tricks, and Try Its Round-up (August)

Hey everyone! Here are the tips, recommendations, and fun facts that I have for the month of August! During the month of August, I dedicated my time and created a baking post and a few Disney top five posts. So this round-up is a little short. If you would like to see any of these posts here are the links:

Frozen Inspired No Churn Ice Cream:

Top Five: Animal Kingdom:

Top Five: Magic Kingdom:


  • When riding Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, there are several high point targets. In the third room with Emperor Zurg, hit the lowest target on his spaceship. This target is worth 100,000 points. Fun fact about me: I look hilarious in every photo on this ride. I always forget they take a picture because I’m always so concentrated on getting a high score 😂august-tomorrowland


  • If you want cool close up shots of animals, the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail (Animal Kingdom). Some of the animals you can see on the trail are: Gorillas, meerkats, and hippos.
  • Next time you’re near the area, check out the the handprints/footprints of famous celebrities in front of the Chinese Theatre (Hollywood Studios).27358065221_39fdd86822_h

Fun Facts:

  • You can meet Belle in her blue dress at Epcot. Her meeting location is in France. ✨🌹
  • Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival runs from September 14th through November 14th! So excited! ❤

Halloween Horror Nights Update:

  • I have to update my HHN 26 post, but check out the Halloween Horror Nights website to see all the scare zones and houses. This year seems like it is going to be pretty cool!

Inspiring Quotes:

  • “Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.” – Snow White. You know what I strive to be each day? To be happy. You cannot depend on other people to feel happiness. The only way to achieve happiness is by creating it yourself. Also, if you want to create a happier environment, start with yourself. Your happiness could ultimately spread and that is how you could fill the world with sunshine. You cannot just expect it to happen. Have a magical day and do not forget to smile today!

5 thoughts on “Tips, Tricks, and Try Its Round-up (August)

  1. I managed to go from a pathetic score to 500,000 with the help of the target on Zurg’s spaceship this year!! My boyfriend was not amused!


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