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Try the Grey Stuff

Hey everyone! I decided to create the Grey Stuff from the movie the Beauty and the Beast! It’s in the scene where Lumiere sings “Be our Guest.” If you go to the Be our Guest Restaurant (Magic Kingdom), you can even order the Grey Stuff! You have to make dinner reservations for that restaurant though. Make sure you reserve 6 months in advance to have a chance to dine at the Be Our Guest restaurant (this one is a tough restaurant to make last minute reservations. It is very popular). If you want to learn how to make the Grey Stuff at home, I’ll show you how to do it! Link to where I got this inspiration from:
What you will need:
One small package of instant vanilla pudding
One and a half cup of milk
15 Oreos (I used all parts of the Oreo)
Black food coloring
One cup of heavy whipping cream
Two tablespoons of granulated sugar
Grey or white pearl sprinkles
Piping bag
Piping tip of your choice
What you will need to do:
1. Mix the vanilla pudding and milk in a medium sized bowl until well combined and refrigerate mixture for fifteen minutes.
2. Crush the Oreos and put them aside
3. Mix the heavy whipping cream and sugar in a large bowl with an electric hand mixture until soft peaks form.
4. Mix the heavy whipping cream and vanilla pudding using a rubber spatula and add black food coloring until the mixture is light grey (you will need a lot of drops of black food coloring).
5. Add in the Oreos and fold in the mixture using a rubber spatula.
6. Add the mixture to a piping bag with any tip that you like and pipe the mixture. Pipe the mixture so that it looks like the whip cream you would add to coffee or ice cream. Add in the sprinkles and you are done! beast-2
There you have it! Your own version of the Grey Stuff! This recipe is so easy to make. You can also add the Grey Stuff on top of a cupcake or a brownie like how they serve it at the restaurant. I hope you are able to try this out! If you do, show me! I love to see your baking creations. Have a magical day everyone! Instagram: Orlandosmagicandmayhem Email: orlandosmagicandmayhem@gmail.combeast-4

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