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Instagram Stories Round-up


Hey everyone! On Instagram, they have something similar to Snapchat where you can post pictures and videos of what you’re doing at the moment. I have been trying to use it more so that you can see behind the scenes pictures and videos of some crafts or baking creations that I might be doing. I also would like to provide tips that I have learned during my Disney vacations. This is a better way to for you all to learn new things because I can take pictures or videos of the tips and maybe next time, you can try them out yourself! I decided to save these pictures and do a little round-up of them.

  • You can see C-3PO in the queue area for Star Tours.
  • Try it: Next time you order Starbucks at Magic Kingdom or at any Park, tell them your favorite character when the cast member ask for your name. I did not do it here, but it is such a cute idea.
  • I love that display in Hollywood Studios! Recommend: Take a cute kick line picture with your friends here.
  • They have a Disney advent calendar at Disney World!
  • Try it: Go to this ice cream place in Epcot! So delicious. Try the macaron ice cream sandwiches.
  • Try it: Try to find hidden Mickey’s in Spaceship earth (Epcot) How many can you find?
  • Frozen Ever After is such a cute ride. I suggest using extra magic hours to get on this ride so you don’t have to wait a long time. The queue area is beautiful and I love the animatronics on this ride.
  •  Maelstrom was the ride that used to be in the Norway Pavilion.
  • Chocolate ice cream from the place I previously mentioned! I can’t wait to try more flavors.
  • I made an advent calendar for my friends. I hope to do a blog post that will give a few ideas on how to make your own advent calendar.
  • I made a post on how to make your own version of the Grey Stuff from the movie Beauty and the Beast. Here is the link to that post:
  • I love the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom. It looks and smells like Christmas!
  • Recommend: Go on Jungle Cruise during Christmastime. It’s called Jingle Cruise and there are tons of Christmas Decorations and Holiday puns!

One thought on “Instagram Stories Round-up

  1. You are very lucky, I havnt been to Disney in years. Was disappointed to hear about that Norway ride changing to frozen, but what can you do. Would love to hear your thoughts on a couple of our short stories at Gastradamus. Check out Queen Kong and I and Blue Jasmine. Your opinion matters and it want to be heard

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