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Tips, Tricks, and Try Its (December)

Hey everyone! I do not have a bunch of tips or tricks for the month of December. It has been a really busy month for me. I do plan on stepping it up for the month of January though! I will try to provide a ton of helpful tips and tricks.

I actually want to dedicate this blog post to answer any questions you have about WDW. So if you have any questions about Disney or even the Disney College Program, please ask away! I would love to answer any questions you might have!

Ways to ask:



  • One way to meet Rapunzel is at Princess Fairytale Hall (Magic Kingdom). You can get a fast pass to see both her and Tiana.december-1

Try It:

  • If you watch a Frozen Holiday Wish, you can see Elsa light up the castle. Such a gorgeous sight to see 💙❄
  • Disney puts a ton of detail into their parade floats. Next time you are watching a parade, look more closely at the floats. I love that they included the three bears in the Brave float.
  • Next time you visit Castle Couture at Magic Kingdom, ask a cast member if you can get pixie dusted. A cast member will then share a few words and sprinkle pixie dust from their wand. ✨
  • Make sure you look all around the parks. WDW puts a ton of detail into each park and you could probably find something new and interesting each day like this one! This is near the tangled bathrooms in Magic Kingdom 🌸

Life Update:

  • My arrival date for the Disney College Program is soon approaching. I have been planning and packing during the month of December. I cannot wait for my new adventure. I’ll be sure to document my journey.

2 thoughts on “Tips, Tricks, and Try Its (December)

  1. Nice article! My son and his girlfriend both did the Disney College program a year ago. Both extended and stayed on working for a bit afterwards, because they loved it so much! (they actually met while working in Epcot together). Good luck to you! I hope you enjoy your time at Disney as much as they and their friends enjoyed theirs.
    ps. Now I am a travel agent and I sell Disney, so I may just have some questions for you, if my resident experts are ever stumped!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so awesome to hear! I’m so excited for my DCP journey and I hope I love is as much as them! (Which I probably will!) That’s cool how they met! Oh for sure! I would love to help out in any way!


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