Walt Disney World

Disney College Program: January 30th Check In Day + Tips 

Jan 30th 
Day 1: Check in day

I checked out of Disney’s Pop Century Resort and headed to Panera before check in. I was so eager to move in that I scarfed down my breakfast and took my coffee on the go. My check in time was 11:00 am and I arrived at the complex 15 minutes earlier. I was able to get my ID and my room key within 10 minutes of arriving there. I live at Patterson Court in a 3 bedroom 6 person room. I was able to room with the people I wanted and we all get along wonderfully. Btw, my room is on the third floor and moving in was basically a work out. I dont think I need to work out for the next four months after that haha. I was the last one to claim a room and I started unpacking everything. I was able to finish and I organized my bedroom and the kitchen. I went to Publix to grocery shop. I probably spent way too much money, better safe than sorry though haha! I went back to the apartment and put everything away and then we said our good byes to some of the parents. It was night time and we all relaxed in our apartment. We played a quick game of Werewolf (if you don’t know what that is, I suggest you look it up. It’s an awesome game). We all went to our rooms and went to bed. It was an exhausting and emotional day, but it was the best check in day ever!
Tips for the DCP: 

– Be organized when you pack. Divide them into different sections so that when you unpack, you can just put everything that needs to go a certain place all at once. 

– If you know who your roommates are, make a google sheet on what items to bring and who’s bringing what. You want to make sure you can bring plenty of stuff beforehand so that you would not have to buy more in Orlando. 

– Always have your ID with you and have its some place that is easily accessible. 

– Each room have a bulletin board. Bring pictures and anything else you would like to add to it. Bring thumb tacks.

– Don’t go to the gas station that is close to the apartments. The prices are really high and there are other gas stations with a way lower price. 



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