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Disney College Program: January 31st Housing Meeting + Game Night

Tuesday January 31st
Second day of the program! I tried my hardest to wake up early so I could start making it a habit. I woke up and made a smoothie (Made my favorite smoothie: chocolate, avocado, and banana smoothie). I explored my apartment complex to get an idea where everything was. I had a housing meeting later on and it went over the housing rules and safety. It was actually pretty interesting. Once that was done, I headed to Trader Joe’s with my roommates. The cookie’s and cream cookie butter is amazing. So if you ever go to Trader Joe’s, you should try it out. We all headed back to the apartment and played my favorite card game called President. My friends haven’t played it before and they loved the game. I had a great time with my roommates. 

DCP Tips: 

Make sure you join the Disney College Program Facebook page. This page allows you to talk to other members from the program. If you have recently been accepted, you can use the page to find potential roommates which is something I highly recommend. Make a Groupme or a group message and get to know any potential roommates so that if you all are able to room together, you can already create connections. It helps a alot. 


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