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Disney College Program: February 1st Roommate Bonding

Wednesday February 1st 
I had a free day. Some of the roommates woke up late and we headed to Chick-Fil-A to grab some lunch. We relaxed a bit in the apartment and later on in the day we went to the outlet mall to do some shopping. Once we finished, we headed to Disney Springs. There was music playing and my roommates and I would dance all around Disney Springs. We went inside several stores to look around. We met some cool cast members and had funny interactions. The best part of this day was going to the Coca Cola Factory. We got the International Plate and we tried sodas and floats from around the world. Some tasted amazing, while others tasted…. interesting. Each roommate had to chug a flavor that they didn’t like. Their reactions were priceless. We took pictures with the Coca Cola polar bear and started dancing with him! This day was a fun roommate bonding experience. 

DCP Tip:

– Make sure to have as much roommate bonding time as you can. This will make the memories pile up. There will be plenty of free time during the first week of the Disney College Program, so use that to your advantage. 


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