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My Adventure Book: Chapter 1: January

DCP chapter 1 photo 1

Before the program officially started, I met with my roommates for the first time at Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs. At first, we did not know if we were all going to room together because I was only able to link with only two other people. We still wanted to meet because no matter what, we still wanted to be friends and hang out during the program. It was such a wonderful day. We all met and chatted and gave each other our roommate gifts. I made ears for each one of them and they loved it. I loved all their gifts too. Each one of them put so much thought into their gifts. I will cherish them forever. All my roommates have a special place in my heart and I will never forget them. Lexi, Kelly, Julie, Danielle, and Alyssa were the first people I officially met at the program and we were all praying that we would all room together. The next day, we would all find out because it was check in day…

I checked into the Disney College Program January 30th at 11:00 am. I was staying at an All Star hotel prior to checking in. I was so nervous. I wanted to know so badly who I was rooming with. My other four friends had earlier check in times. By the time that I checked in, I realized we all were lucky enough to room together! We were all so happy! We got a 6 person 3 bedroom apartment at Patterson Court. This was our first choice! Everything worked out in our favor. I unloaded all the stuff from my car and up to my apartment (We were on the third floor. This was a serious workout for me). After I finished unloading everything from the car, I went to casting where I turned in my paperwork in order to work for Disney. I made some new friends at casting and after all the paperwork was done, I headed back to my apartment. I grocery shopped at Publix and stocked up on food. At night, I showed my roommates how to play werewolf. They loved the game and it was hilarious to play. I thought I had an advantage because I knew how to play, but one of my roommates Julie, learned how to play quickly and tricked me.

The next day, there was a housing meeting. It was long, but they tried to make it fun and interactive. After that, I took everyone to Trader Joe’s and I had to buy some cookie butter of course (so addicting). When we went back to the apartment and I showed my roommates how to play the card game President. Kelly and Danielle lost and they had the lovely title being an a-hole hehe. That day started the inside joke of Kelly being the a-hole (she lost the game too many times).

Since the program started January 30th, my the DCP adventures during the month of January was short (since there were only two days). The month of February is going to be a good one. Stay tuned. Have a magical day 🙂

DCP chapter 1 photo 2DCP chapter 1 photo 3DCP chapter 1 photo 4DCP chapter 1 photo 5


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