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My Adventure Book: Prologue: Disney College Program Introduction

Hey everyone! I’m going to start this post off by talking a little bit about myself. Well now that I think of it, this whole blog series is going to be a diary.. So I’ll do plenty of talking about me, but you get the point. This is more like an introduction. My name is Elizabeth Fernandez and I am a pre-vet major at Florida International University. I applied to the Disney College Program three times and I auditioned for the character performer role twice. I am going to do a month by month blog about my experiences during my DCP so that I can look back at this in the future and so that you can read this and get inspired to make the most of your program (if you are applying or have already gotten in). After my diary series, I will do more in detail blog post that will have tips and tricks about the DCP so that your own Disney College Program can be your adventure and an unforgettable chapter in the book of your life. The third time was a charm because after the third time applying, I got accepted into the Disney College Program! My role was Quick Service Food and Beverage Hostess at Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom. I talk about my role more in depth in another blog post if you all would like. I had a four month long program and it was filled with so many magical memories. If you have any questions at any point, feel free to comment below or email me at orlandosmagicandmayhem@gmail.com

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