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My Adventure Book: Chapter 2: February (Part 1)

During the start of my program, I had a few days that I was free to do anything before my training began. February 1st was my first free day. Of course, I had to celebrate my first free day by getting Chick-fil-A. I was happy that there was finally a Chick-fil-A five minutes away from where I lived (it was a blessing and a curse because that was my go to fast food restaurant… Uh-oh).

Later on, I went to chill out by the pool with Julie and Danielle. The pool looked so refreshing, but we didn’t get in because the water was too cold… little did I know that I would never step into the pool at Patterson. So sad. That was one of the things I wanted to do during my program, but I never made time for it.
Danielle’s “pseudo” grandparents came to visit afterwards. She calls them that because although they are not relatives, she considers them to be like grandparents to her (so awesome). They were kind and so knowledgeable. It was a pleasure talking to them and hearing about their life and all they have both accomplished. The roommates and I visited the outlet mall near the apartment and walked around for a bit just to see what stores they had. We found these cool chairs and we were tempted to split the cost and get one. We decided not to. We did take pictures on it of course.

The roommates and I went to Disney Springs. This was our first official bonding session. Honestly, this was such an unforgettable day. I had so much fun. This day made me realize that the Disney College Program would be an unforgettable experience because of my roommates. We danced around Disney Springs and went to check out different stores. One funny memory I have is when we went to the sock store called Stance. We met a cast member named Topher. It’s not a nickname, but the name came from the name Christopher. My friend Lexi decided to call him gopher. I don’t think he was too fond of that name, but it was hilarious. Now here comes the best part of my Disney Springs Adventure; the Coca Cola store. We all went inside the store and looked around. There was Coca Cola merchandise everywhere and I wanted to buy it all. They also have a floor where you can meet the Coca Cola bear. It was so cool meeting him! We walked in and he was dancing so I joined in and danced with him. It was a great time. Once we finished meeting him, we went all the way to the top floor where they had the Coca Cola bar. We were looking at the menu and saw that they had an “International Plate.” We all chipped in and we got 16 sample sizes of sodas from around the world. Half were sodas and the other half were soda floats. Now to be honest, although some of the drinks were really tasty… some of the drinks on the other hand, were awful (in my opinion). So, we decided to turn this into a challenge. We chose the worst tasting drinks and we made each of the roommate’s chug one of them. I thought I had the worst of it. I was the last one to attempt this challenge. I tried to keep a poker face and hide the drinks that I did not like when we first tried the sodas. They had a difficult time assigning me the drink I should chug. Then a lightbulb went on. They had the brilliant idea of mixing most of the nasty tasting flavors together for me to drink. It backfired. The cocktail of drinks they mixed surprisingly did not taste bad at all and I was able to chug the drink to victory. The day was over and we all headed back to the apartment. I’d say that this was an awesome day that I will never forget.

Note: It would be too much to write about everything that happened in the month of February so I am dividing chapter 2 of my adventure into several posts so it is easier to read and enjoy. The next adventures will be coming out soon 😊 Hope you’re enjoying these posts. Have a great day everyone.

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