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My Adventure Book: Chapter 2: February (Part 2)

I always wanted to get a Universal annual pass and I was so happy that all my roommates wanted to get one as well. So on February 2nd, we decided to go to Universal and we all got seasonal passes. While we were at City Walk, we saw the surf board photo spot and decided to do a photo shoot with our roommates. It was so nice to share these memories together and bond. We were all so excited to go to the parks. After the pictures, we immediately headed straight to guest services to get our passes. We headed to the minion ride and that ride always makes me laugh (It’s so cute and funny). At the end of the ride, we were able to meet one of the minions and we had a little dance party with the minion.

We were all excited to visit the Harry Potter each section so after the minion ride, we headed to Diagon Alley and once we finished looking around, we took the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade. We went into the wand store and I did my own “the wand chose me experience.” I closed my eyes and let my hand choose the wand I was meant to recieve. The wand that chose me was the ivy wand. I sadly didn’t get the wand that day, but eventually I caved in and the wand persuaded me to purchase it. We then got some Butterbeer together at the Leaky Cauldron. It was out first Butterbeer shared together as roommates. After that, It was close to closing time and we wanted to ride Reign of Kong. We ran so that we can make it to the ride on time. It was like we were on a mission. At first, we got lost. Eventually, we found the ride and made it in time. The outside scenery of the ride was beautifully made, but the ride itself did not impress me much because the ride is projection based.

The next day (February 3rd) was traditions day! This was the day that we learned a little of the history of Walt Disney and his company. This was also the day that we all got our name tags! To be honest, the whole day consisted of desperately waiting for the arrival of our name tags. The cast members showed us around Magic Kingdom and it was cool to see the reactions of people who have never been to the parks. This day also made me realize that I was finally a part of the Walt Disney Company. How cool is that!? I also got my training schedule and it was cool to see what my costume and shifts would be like. I was able to get a Traditions pin because the cast members were asking random trivia questions and I decided to raise my hand and attempt on answering at least one of the questions to get a prize. “What are the names of the Three Cabarellos,” was the question that they asked me. I only knew two out of the three of them and I struggled with one of them. She still gave me the pin for trying haha (score!).

On February 4th, some of my roommates and I went to cast connections. It’s a store near Magic Kingdom that sells discounted merchandise for cast members. It was a cool experience because I got Disney merchandise at a very discounted price and one of them was a Star Wars shirt which turned out to be one of my favorite shirts to wear during the program. We all then headed to my home park: Animal Kingdom! The highlight of that visit was to see where I was going to work. I was quick service food and beverage at Harambe Market in Africa. We also rode dinosaur and took individual pictures with a dinosaur and the pictures came out awesome. It’s nice to have roommate bonding days like this.

On February 5th, some of the roommates and I decided to go to Epcot to do some shopping at Mouse Gear. I got a book that had illustrations of some Disney Characters and I used it as my autograph book. We passed by the Japan and Mexico Pavilion to look around as well. After that, we headed to Magic Kingdom. I went with Lexi, Julie, and Kelly and we decided to go into a store and look around. Lexi, Kelly, and I Love Star Wars and we came across some Star Wars hats. When Lexi asked if we wanted to buy them, it wasn’t hard to convince us to say yes. Lexi got the C-3PO hat, Kelly got the R2-D2 hat, and I got the BB-8 hat. We took a cute picture with our hats in front of the castle shortly after. It’s one of my favorite pictures.


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