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My Adventure Book: Chapter 4 May: Part 2 (Final Chapter!)

It’s sadly the last post relating to my Disney College Program adventures. Soon it’ll be one year since I started the program and I am going to be so emotional. Time really does fly by fast. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of the Walt Disney World Company. Now let me get started with my last DCP adventures from the month of May!

Ohhh I forgot to mention one thing that I did in the early month of May. So I’ll just add it here!

May 3rd: At night, they had a Disney Internship event called Starlit Splash. This event is held at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and the park is closed to the general public. We were able to go on the lazy river and the slides without much of a wait. They also had music playing and it was just a fun time dancing and going on rides. If you’re in the program, I suggest going to this event. Try to go the events that are exclusive to the DCP. Some of the events include meet and greets with characters that you don’t normally meet in the parks!

May 13th: I went to Hollywood Studios on my own while I was waiting for my friend to get out of work. I went to the bar in front of the Brown Derby restaurant. I asked the bartender drinks he recommended. I told him I liked sour drinks and he recommended a whisky sour. This was the first time trying it and I liked it so much! When I went back to Miami, I learned how to make it and I stared making it for people at parties I hosted. At night, Lexi and I had reservations at 50’s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios. This was a fun restaurant to dine at. You had to be at your best behavior and if you didn’t, you would go on time out. Once our meal was done, we asked one of the cast members to take a photo of us. They said that they could take the picture only if we did some chores first. So we had to sweep the floors and pick up some dishes. The cast member gave me a tray and piled the dishes on top and I had to balanxe the tray while he hummed “heigh-ho heigh-ho” until we reached the kitchen. It was actually hilarious. We did get our picture though, so that’s all that matters! At night, I went to Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival with Kelly and Danielle. I met some of my friends at work. I always have a blast showing up to my friends work and making their day. We all got Violet Lemonade. It is so good and I looked forward to that drink every year! Definitely recommend.



May 14th: I met up with my friend Léa at Disney Springs and we went to Disney Quest before it closed for good.  I have never been to Disney Quest and it was so cool! They had so much fun things to do. I had a great time. Afterwards, I went to watch Pandora since Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom was opening soon. We ate at Polite Pig at Disney Springs. The food was so good. This is another good quick service place I recommend you go to if you want something quick at Disney Springs.

May 15th: It started to get more emotional. I was at work and I would get a little teary eyed because the program was going to end in 10 days. I was backstage at work and I saw the acrobats and one of them taught me a dance and I performed it in front of my coworkers. Afterwards, I took a picture with the acrobats. They are so kind it was nice getting to know all of them.


May 16th: I watched the new fireworks show called Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom with a few of my roommates and Sven. Personally, I think this show was better than Wishes. Yes I agree that Wishes was nostalgic, but I felt like Happily Ever After was beautiful with all the projections, lights, and fireworks.


May 17th: I went to Animal Kingdom with my best friend Guigui. This was one of the last days I would see him. He was such a great friend and it was crazy that he became my best friend in a few short months. We met King Louie and Baloo. I always have great interactions with them. We went on some rides and watched Rivers of Light. It was a good night

May 20th: I headed to Universal with Julie and Kelly. We went on some rides and then Julie had to go to work. We had some Butterbeer (of course). We headed to City Walk to go get some food and went to the Mexican restaurant called Antojitos. We had some margaritas, guacamole and chips, and some entrees. This made my tummy so happy.


May 21st: I went to Disney Springs with Lexi and we headed to the Coca-Cola store. We did a little shopping and Lexi got a onsie and a small mystery bag and I got the large mystery bag. I forgot what Lexi got, but I got a medium sized Coca-Cola tote. It’s pretty useful because now I use it for craft supplies. We acted so crazy that day. It was hilarious.


May 23rd: I had the pleasure of doing a meet and greet with a Veterinarian at Animal Kingdom. His name is Dr. Scott and I went over my resume and my experiences so I can see if I am on the right track for veterinary school. It was such a pleasure meeting him and I learned so much. I was also able to roam around Animal Kingdom when its empty which was cool.


May 24th: I did Wild Africa Trek with my roommate Lexi and her mom. This was such an awesome experience. I have wanted to do this and I am so happy that I got the chance to partake in this experience during the program. I learned so many new animal facts and I was able to get a more personal tour of the safari at Animal Kingdom. Afterwards, I met up with my friend Sven at Universal Studios. It was a rainy day and it rained so hard we had to go and buy ponchos. We went on several rides and rode Jimmy Fallon’s Race through New York. At night, we wanted to celebrate Julie’s birthday at the luau in Disney’s Polynesian Reosort. I went with my roommates and we had a nice time bonding and enjoying our last night together. The food was good and the show was beautiful. It was definitely worth the money.



May 25th: Oh no… The day has come.  Sadly, this was the last day of my DCP adventure. We had to get all our stuff from our apartment and pack it into our suitcases and cars. I packed everything into my car and I said goodbye to my apartment one last time. My roommates and I had dinner before some people had to leave to catch a flight. I fortunately was able to stay a little longer in Orlando because my parents booked a hotel for a few days. It was a bittersweet moment because we all had such a magical time during the program. We all have become such close friends and it was hard to say goodbye. I couldn’t believe it was my last day.IMG_2648

Now this concludes my Disney College Program adventures. I did get emotional making this last post because this just reminded me how special this program was to me. If you are planning on applying or deciding if you want to apply, I say go for it. I learned so much from this and I am so grateful of all the friendships that have formed during the program.  If you have any questions about my experience or the DCP in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to chat with you and answer any questions you have!


Since this series is over, I will do my best to include tips and tricks to make the best of the Disney College Program.




3 thoughts on “My Adventure Book: Chapter 4 May: Part 2 (Final Chapter!)

  1. Great post! We’re Disney World regulars and our daughter wants to be an animator for Disney when she’s through school (only in grade 9). She also wants to intern or Disney, so it was great to read about your experience!

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    1. During her undergraduate studies, she can apply to both the Disney College Program and the Professional Internships at Disney. They have many types of internships that can be beneficial for your daughter. So when she enters college, make sure she reaches the different opportunities and their requirements. A strong candidate has more than the required experiences. E.g. 1 year of an experience rather than the minimum of 6 months. If you have any questions let me know!

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