Ep.2: Lizzie Learns

On today's episode of Lizzie Learns, I was on the hunt for a cute and durable reusable coffee cup. I love making coffee at home (especially Cuban coffee when I'm treating myself), but nothing beats going out and having coffee made for you. For some reason, it is ALWAYS better than if I were to… Continue reading Ep.2: Lizzie Learns


Ep.1: Lizzie Learns

Happy Friday everyone! Lizzie learns is a blog series about my conservation/sustainability journey. I will find new and cool products or habits to use and review. On every other Friday, I'll make a post about it the cool things I do or use! Recently, I've been fascinated with how cool bamboo is. I recently was… Continue reading Ep.1: Lizzie Learns


Disney PI: Oyster Reef Restoration

During my conservation internship in Animal Kingdom, I had the pleasure of partaking in a Disney VoluntEARS opportunity. On August 18, I participated in a volunteer event that involved oyster reef restoration. I headed to Indian River Lagoon along with other volunteers to add 100 feet of living oyster reef that contained 3,250 oysters. The… Continue reading Disney PI: Oyster Reef Restoration

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Lizzie’s WDW Internship Exploration

Hey everyone! On June 6th, I started my first day as a Disney Professional Intern. I am a current Education Presenter intern (aka Wilderness Explorer) at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's been a fun an rewarding adventure and I can't wait what the next six months will bring. I am going to make several blogs discussing… Continue reading Lizzie’s WDW Internship Exploration

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January Tips, Tricks, and Try Its

Hello everyone! I'm back with my monthly tips, tricks, and try its for both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando! I condense all the information from my Instagram so that it'll be easier to read! Enjoy 🙂 Tips, Tricks, and Try Its Tips: If you plan on going to WDW during Valentine’s Day, make sure… Continue reading January Tips, Tricks, and Try Its

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Valentine’s Day Blondies

Valentine’s Day Blondies So this is how I decided to make these blondies. I was at a relative’s house and we were searching baking recipes on Pinterest trying to find something different tasty to make. After moments of scrolling, we finally came to a consensus when we stumbled upon an easy to make blondie recipe!… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Blondies